The First Post

Developing this site: from peer pressure to usefullnes??

Introduction I’ve had websites now and again from about 2003 or so. Nothing great. Nothing useful. Nothing visited. I mean, there was that time I made a website for my chemistry department to coordinate registrations for a Webelos and Boyscouts badge-earning event. That was cool because it was written entirely in Notepad, used SQL and PHP, and respected no one’s privacy. So, I got had that going for me in terms of websites.

Getting Started with Hugo

This is an article included with Hugo and the theme I use; see footer. I leave it here in case someone can use this information! Step 1. Install Hugo Go to Hugo releases and download the appropriate version for your OS and architecture. Save it somewhere specific as we will be using it in the next step. More complete instructions are available at Install Hugo Step 2. Build the Docs Hugo has its own example site which happens to also be the documentation site you are reading right now.