There many reasons to have a website or blog or … whatever. It could be to inform, persuade, or explore. But that’s just one part of it; there must be a unique focus too. Something pinpointed or maybe a niche topic. At the end, when these two parts come together, they ought to end something useful. At least, that is my theory.

Given that, this website has some goals — my reasons within a focus — to accomplish:

  • Serve as a platform to host and distribute my work
  • Provide a place to house the various ways of interpreting education policy
  • Show the tips and tricks of data analysis and visualization that I’ve picked up over the years
  • Allow others to collaborate on associated topics

I don’t know if there are many sites that have a focus on assessment, accountability, and evaluation. If there are, they may just be as lost in the internet as mine; they are forever regulated to not being cached by Google and never visited. Maybe not. Either way, I will continue posting to the site.

So how do you “Cook” accountability in K12? It’s hard to game the system to the benefit of the students. The name aside, this site is not to cheat or to expose loopholes. It is here, however, to show alternative perspectives to the accountability system in the K12 sector.

Regardless, the content presented on this site expresses my own views, opinions, interpretations, and contexts. They are not representative of, nor should they be associated with, my affiliates in any way.